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Robert J. Bickner (Emeritus)
Languages and Cultures of Asia

Robert J. Bickner is a professor of Thai Language and Literature and former chair in the Department of Languages and Cultures of Asia. He also serves as the director for the College Year in Thailand Program. He is a leading authority on Thai linguistics and literature, with considerable research in Thailand. Professor Bickner supervises Thai language instruction at all levels, and teaches courses in Thai linguistics, prose and poetry, and Southeast Asian literature in translation. His research interests include: Thai Language, Literature and Linguistics; Languages of Southeast Asia; Oral Proficiency Measurement; Computer Assisted Language Instruction; Translation; and Cross-cultural Adaptation. He is currently working on: an annotated translation of "Lilit Phra Law" from Thai to English, Authoritative Text of "LilitPhra Law" (Thai); and Oral Proficiency Assessment Guidelines for Thai Language.
     For more information, please visit Professor Bickner's Languages and Cultures of Asia homepage.

Spring 2004-05
LCA 100: Introduction to Cultures of Asia
LCA 618: Thai Prose Literature: The Short Story

Fall 2004-05
LCA 303/403: Southeast Asian Literature in Translation: Literature from Vietnam & Thailand
LCA 671: Structure of Thai

Selected Publications:
"Computer Assisted Instruction for Thai Reading," a 32 lesson Macintosh HyperCard Set, 1996.

"Some Textual Evidence on the Tai Sounds *ai and *au" in Papers on Tai Languages, Linguistics, and Literatures In Honor of William J. Gedney on his 77th Birthday, edited by Carol J. Compton and John F. Hartmann. Occasional Paper No. 16, (DeKalb: Center for Southeast Asian Studies Northern Illinois University), 1992.

"The Nature of 'Standard' Thai." with Thomas John Hudak in Journal of South Asian Literature, 25.1, 1992.

"The Problems of Southeast Asian Language Instruction: The Case of Thai" in Southeast Asian Studies in the Balance: Reflections from America. edited by Charles Hirschman, et al. (Ann Arbor: Association for Asian Studies), 1992.

How to contact Professor Bickner:
E-Mail: rbickner@wisc.edu
Phone:(608) 262-3915
1242 Van Hise Hall
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI 53706



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