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Friday Forum Lecture Series

Friday Forum Lecture Series and Outreach Program The Center organizes a regular weekly lecture forum on Southeast Asia. A wide range of topics are presented by invited guest lecturers from the U.S. and abroad, as well as lectures by Wisconsin faculty, graduate students, and community members. In addition, the Center regularly sponsors workshops and symposia on Southeast Asia and an active public event series that includes Javanese gamelan concerts, theatrical performances, and film and video festivals. Regular outreach initiatives to the colleges and public schools of Wisconsin and the upper midwest include two Title VI-funded programs: the University Faculty Access Program, which brings scholars from other campuses to Madison for research and consultation, and the Southeast Asian Teachers Workshop, a summer program aimed at providing area training and curriculum development assistance to public school teachers.

*Forums will be held at 12 Noon, 206 Ingraham Hall unless otherwise noted

Fall Semester 2015-16 Schedule

Past Lecture Schedules:

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