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This Week @ CSEAS
October 12, 2015 - October 16, 2015

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Friday Forum:

October 16, 2015 - Laurie Sears (Walker Family Endowed Professor of History, University of Washington)
Critical Spirituality and a Critical Path in Ayu Utamiís Indonesian Novels
     Ayu Utami is one of Indonesiaís most acclaimed writers. Her first two novels were written in the very late New Order and soon after its fall. The first one, Saman, won prizes. The second one, Larung, was a difficult read. Hardly anyone in Indonesia or outside of it could understand the text outside of her intellectual circle. Having established her reputation as a serious writer, Utamiís next work is a tale of three friends and their adventures as they pursue critical spirituality and a critical path. Known for her liberal use of sexuality in her novels, this third book, The Fu Numeral, is no different, and the three friends pair up sexually in different ways in their journeys in the novel. This third 500-page but more accessible novel has also spawned what Utami promises will be 12 more novels drawing on themes from the first one. Three have been written so far, and itís clear Utami now wants a bigger audience. This talk will explore Utamiís notions of critical spirituality and a critical path, her use of the Oedipus complex, and why these novels are important for historians.

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Conversation Tables:

Khmer Conversation Table
Monday, October 12, 11am-12pm. College Library, Room 3521
For more information, contact Catriona Miller at: catrionamiller22@gmail.com.

Filipino Conversation Table
Thursday, October 15, 5:00-7:00pm, nearby the Sett @ Union South
For more information, contact Bridget Johnson at: bejohnson8@wisc.edu.

Vietnamese Conversation Table
Friday, October 16, 5:00-6:00 pm. Sun Garden area of Union South.
For more information contact, contact Huong Nguyen at: namhuongls@gmail.com (primary contact) or Hong Dinh at: hdinh@wisc.edu




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